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Plant Walls Beautify Your Space and Improve Indoor Air Quality

"Aerogation" green walls – made with live plants – are not only naturally appealing, but also purify air and reduce carbon dioxide, removing toxins and allergens for better health, while improving performance and lower the load on your HVAC system. Use our indoor air quality monitoring app to see the results yourself. Low/no maintenance and our patented automatic watering system mean you’ll save time, too!

Our green wall systems work in your indoor spaces as well as exterior surfaces. Facades, walls, and roofs will all benefit from live plants – providing extra insulation, reducing stormwater management, and improving the attractiveness of your building. Green wall systems can be added as a retrofit to existing facilities or incorporated into new construction.

Financial benefits from improving indoor air quality (IAQ) in US buildings is estimated at $37 - $208 billion annually from illness and lost productivity. Contact Botanic Air today to learn how you can save money and breathe healthier air!

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How Green Plant Walls Work

It’s all about plant biology – root zone phytoremediation and leaf photosynthesis! AgroSci has developed an indoor air quality (IAQ) control system built on combining technologies proven to greatly reduce volatile organic compounds ("VOC’s") and particulate matter ("PM"), lower CO2, and increase oxygen. This is without filters or carbon, which collect, not eliminate contaminants, and need replacement filters.

"Phytoremediation" is a natural plant root zone process that breaks down VOCs and PM. Harmless microbes in the soil work with plant roots to convert VOCs and PM to smaller nutrient compounds to be consumed by the plants, eliminating toxins, impurities, allergens, and odors. Plants also absorb carbon dioxide, converting it to valuable oxygen and making cleaner, healthier, and safer air in the treated building space.

"Aerogation" describes how our green wall systems are constructed: pressurized channels inject water and (polluted) room air into the root zone for each plant within the system. There, the water, VOC’s and PM are consumed by bacteria and converted to plant nutrients and returned as clean air to the room. Botanic Air systems can also include an integrated smart connectivity device that senses and tracks data for the five most important IAQ factors – VOC’s, PM, CO2, temperature, and humidity.

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Air Purification and Monitoring Systems

Beyond plant walls, Botanic Air is also an authorized reseller and installer for:

AirOasis manufactures residential and commercial systems, like Air Sanifiers®, which use organic chemistry and are scientifically proven to neutralize harmful substances in the air in your home or office. Powerful commercial air purifiers keep your employees and customers breathing healthy, clean air. AirOasis’ patented Advanced Hydrated Photocatalytic Oxidation ("AHCPO®") and Bi-Polar Ionization® technologies are extraordinarily effective systems to purify your air without filters, chemicals, or harmful byproducts. There are no messy or expensive filters to handle. They eliminate 99% of allergens, mold, bacteria, and germs – more than other systems on the market. They’re energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Ask us about AirOasis products in your home or office today! Watch this video for more information on AirOasis products and technologies.

Awair products identify the five key factors that determine your air quality. Watch this video for more information on Awair products. They monitor toxins and chemicals in your air, and in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, provide personalized recommendations to help you stay safe and healthy. We recommend using Awair systems to help you monitor your indoor air quality.

Botanic Air can combine these independent technologies – green plant walls, air purification systems, and air quality monitoring – in a custom-designed system just for your environment. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do green wall systems reduce HVAC costs?
A. Green wall systems may provide extra insulation when positioned on exterior walls. More importantly, they trap airborne particles and organisms that would otherwise be collected in your HVAC system’s HEPA filters. Cleaner filters means less work for your HVAC system.

Q. Will green wall systems cause issues with insect pests, dirt, and water leakage?
A. Our patented green wall live plant systems are virtually free of all such issues. Each plant is contained in an individual module. Only the finest, pest-free potting soil is used. The plant wall water system is self-contained and has provisions for trapping overflow or drips from plants. We make it easy for you to enjoy your green wall system!

Q. What do plant wall systems cost?
A. That depends on a number of factors – installation location, plumbing, lighting, integration with interior finishes, etc. Green walls and green facades can range from 16 inches to over 100 feet. The cost can range from $300 to $400 per square foot. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Q. Do you install the green wall systems, or do we install it ourselves?
A. Typically, we’ll handle the design, installation, set up and training of your green wall system. If you would like to have your staff or contractor involved in these steps, we’re happy to work with them. You’ll save time and money, though, by having us take care of everything for you.

Q. How long will a green wall last?
A. With minimal maintenance, a green plant wall system will last indefinitely! It will continue to thrive and provide cleaner, healthier air for as long as the system is in place.

Q. What maintenance is required with a green wall system?
A. AgroSci plant walls are designed to be virtually maintenance free! Water and lighting systems will be set up so they automatically regulate themselves. Plants may need to be trimmed or replaced periodically. Replacing a plant module is so easy and simple, it only takes a minute! Let us show you how easy it is to maintain one of our green wall systems.

About Botanic Air

Our mission is to use known developmental natural technologies to eliminate airborne toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), bioaerosols, microbes and fine particulate matter (PM), reduce carbon dioxide (CO2), increase oxygen, and improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in living, working, and other indoor environments. Botanic Air is the authorized dealer for the Pacific Northwest for AgroSci green walls and AirOasis indoor Air Sanifiers, and we are a dealer for Awair indoor air quality monitors.

Mike McCarthy, MBA, Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Biofuels startup management team; created a leading nationwide B2B horticulture industry database search website (plantsearchonline.com); 20+ years of dry, fluid, frozen, perishable and fragile food/agri commodities trading, processing, supply chain and turnaround in US and abroad; agribusiness creation; MBA and BSBA instructor in competitive strategy, operations management, corporate finance, and writing a business plan.
Michael Pomfret, Technical Advisor
Research Chemist; Chemistry Ph.D.; 8+ years of experience in government and industry laboratory research; extensive knowledge of hydrocarbon oxidation chemistry; experience working with experts from varied science and engineering backgrounds. 5+ years as a principal investigator or program manager.

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